Mariby's Earrings

Thing For Earrings

I often try to make do with what's in front of me!  Too, you can see, I gotta a thing for earrings!  Obviously, I love bold and beautiful colors and putting colorful things together.  So, this all started [my earring thing], because I just kept losing an earring - and I paid a lot for them, back when!  I thought, it makes no sense to keep spending money for a new pair, just to lose one [always just one of them], again!  So, I sought first to merely repair a broken set and that's when I discovered the OhMaGawd, I just love bead stores.  So, now, when I lose a piece or lose an earring, I simply just repair, make another to match or repurpose the beads completely!  Problem solved!  Make my own!  It's what I doI make ... do!  --Mariby Corpening

All What I Do! I Make ... Do!

I just gotta thing for Earrings!