The Colored Women’s Eating Club


Southern Comfort Indulgences with influences from Women in all of our colorS FROM ALL OVER THE AFRICAN DIASPORA


A Dining Experience Re-Imagined

By Hospitalent Mariby Corpening


This, I had to share and, I certainly cannot take credit for its origins; though, instead, my prayer is to Celebrate, With Almost A Thanksgiving Feast’s Vigor, the all-time most memorable, uplifting and warming comforts of sitting down at a table of a beautiful, bountiful spread of Southern Comfort Indulgences, in the company of women from all over the African diaspora, sharing their lives, their loves, their losses, their expectations, their disappointments, their triumphs, their wisdom, their dreams - Our Stories, Our History, Our Legacy - and wait, YOU WON’T HAVE TO COOK!

Mariby Corpening’s Always Popular Lemon & Fresh Dill Broiled Shrimp

I’ll do the cooking for you! So, rather, you - Wife, Mother, Caregiver, Professional, Entrepreneur - will BE SERVED, BE PAMPERED, BE HONORED and indeed, BE CELEBRATED!

This I do for you with honor and pleasure! —Mariby Corpening

Mariby Corpening’s Double-Crusted Pie With Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Mariby Corpening’s Jerked Chicken & Rice

The African Diaspora

Know that I enjoy preparing our favorites & popular dishes with African Origins & Influences from all around the world - The African-American’s Sweet Potato Pie, Stewed Oxtails, Macaroni & Cheese, Fried Chicken, Sausage & Cranberry Stuffing, Peach Cobbler, Fried Fish, Sweet Kernel Cornbread, and I especially enjoy preparing some international favorites and influences - Yassa (Senegal), Bunny Chow (South Africa), Piri piri chicken (Mozambique), Jollof Rice (West Africa), Griots with Rice & Beans (Haiti), Pondu (Saka-Saka)(Congolese), Doro Wat (Ethiopia), Efo (Nigeria), Crab & Calaloo (Trinidad & Tobago), Caldeirada de Cabritoetc (Angola), Tajine (Morocco), Jerked Chicken (Jamaica), etc.

NOTE: Don’t get too excited! Obviously, all are NOT served in one setting; but rather pre-set/planned/ordered menu options!

Mariby Corpening’s Braised Lamb Shanks With Fresh Rosemary & Roasted Thyme

My Inspiration for This Experience

I must share with you that more than 25 years ago, I had a unique, true and life-empowering pleasure of meeting a phenomenal woman from Chicago, Illinois, rich in her African roots, rich in her tribal spirits, rich in her highly-cultured professional pursuits - just rich with purpose, spreading throughout, our gospel, our history, our origins, our power, our worth in this world!

Mariby Corpening’s Peruvian-Spiced Fried Chicken

I had never before met anyone like her! She graciously invited us into her home, where we, not only ate meals from various African influences, but we also got a taste of African history and not only from a book, but straight from The Motherland - every dish, every bite, every artifact, every example, every story, every word an uplifting and powerful reminder of just who we are and where we come from - Africa!

An anthropologist, she frequently travels to African countries, bringing back all of our rich heritage to her home, to her family, to her community, to her profession - to our psyche! Do you hear me, I was in awe! I’d never before experienced first-hand so much knowledge and information about our African heritage; no, nothing like this! Well, not until, of course, I traveled to Senegal, Africa! OMG! She took us on a tour! Oh, this YOU MUST DO!

Mariby Corpening’s Jumbo Shrimp & Roasted Vegetables with Jasmine Rice

Oh, But,The Stories

One of the stories I have never forgotten, that touched my spirit, was something she told us about her group of friends, who would get together, I think, once a month, to share, to relax, to release, to laugh, to love, to heal, to empower, to celebrate and center stage was, of course, to eat, an experience she called, The Colored Women’s Eating Club!

I was so thrilled by that idea of it all, even the title, then and even more so, now, because, of course, the term, “Colored,” is spun as all-inclusive of Women In All Of Our Colors from all around our worlds! That’s how she described her close friends - mothers, professionals, housewives, scientists, educators, artists, writers, etc., from different parts of the world - different cultures, different religions, different languages, etc., purposefully gathering in support of each other, each’s children, families, careers, etc. I recall that they would all bring a dish; so, there was a diverse collection of authentic home-cooked plates and bowls and pots of food representing women of color from all over this world!

Malick’s Leg Of Lamb (Senegalese-Style)

A Fly On The Wall

Man oh man, I got so excited, just listening to her! My imagination went wild with possibilities, and I wasn’t even cooking back then! And now, who even knew I could cook! I mean, look at My Leg of Lamb center-staged and, oh, to be a fly on the wall, literally and during those conversations and all that good food!

Mariby Corpening’s Version of Paella - The Feast of Paradise

A Dreamed Dining Experience

Anyway and since that time, those many years ago, I have always wanted to do this! I have literally dreamed of this dining experience - this feasting ritual - for not only myself, but for my family and friends, and now, for my guests - whom, I know are hungry for more than just a meal!

Things That Make You Go, Oooooom!

Believe me, when I tell you, that I have fully imagined the occasion upon which I could re-create this extraordinary Primal Ritual - A Dining Experience Beyond Mere Pleasure - THE COLORED WOMEN’S EATING CLUB! A gathering of good company, good conversation, good food - just good for the soul and the belly and we won’t even mention, The Biscuits!

I say, there is no better time than now! Thank you in advance for the pleasure of serving you truly, A Dream Dining Experience! #IDreamABrunch

NOTE: While it’s origins speak of women’s ritual, my dream is meant to be A Dining Experience for All! Not only for women of color, but also, yes, even men and people from all over the world, no matter your race, religion, or persuasions. The idea is for you, me and anyone sitting at my table to be apart of something truly beautiful, meaningful, memorable and dare I say, even spiritual! #TheColoredWomensEatingClub, #ThingsThatMakeYouGoOom

Mariby Corpening’s Oven-Roasted Beef Shanks With Garlic, Sweet Onions & Potatoes

With Special Thanks

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to That Very Exceptional Group of Women of Color in Chicago and I must give credit to my most recent Group of Women from Philly’s Day Trip; I believe the spirit of these ladies literally brought back to life this beautiful feasting ritual and reminded me of just how special it is merely getting together over - a good meal! So, Thank You All!

My prayer is that it will be The Most Memorable Dining Experience you’ll ever have in your lifetime! —Mariby Corpening

Philly’s Day Trip

We won’t even mention Mariby Corpening’s “Buttermilk SLAP Biscuits!”

Words simply can’t describe the experience at brunch today with Grannie and Mariby. The food was superb, the wisdom was unexpected yet delightful, the fellowship was exactly what we all needed. To say brunch was delicious would be a HUGE understatement of what I really received from brunch today. My college friends and I were greeted at the door and warmly welcomed into your lovely home, but were still uncertain of what to expect. We were full times two. My belly and heart were full and bursting with deep love. The kind that is layered and layered in flavor and the conversation and experiences in rich history, which is not possible at a traditional restaurant. Thank you Mariby, thank you Grannie for pouring into our souls and feeding an area that was starved for a greater connection with fellowship and ”real” food. The biscuits alone are worth the trip - seriously!!!!! Everything and I do mean everything tastes 5 star. We even took home homemade jam in aluminum foil. Yes aluminum foil (🤣🤣🤣) because it was so good. May God continue to richly bless you both! #BiscuitsTasteBetterWithJam, #DontTouchMyBag, #ToGOcontainersPlease
— Nakia H.
The Exceptional Women from Philly’s Day Trip. THANK YOU, TOO!

The Exceptional Women from Philly’s Day Trip. THANK YOU, TOO!