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“Life:  Incident or Coincidence?”


What IS It about Mariby Corpening?

Tell you a story and, truly, my life kinda goes like this – On my way to work, I’m standing on the train’s platform, headed to the city, and suddenly, with little forethought, I just got giddy and hopped on the train going in the opposite directions.  Though, truly -- if you knew me -- just because the sun was shining brighter on the other side.  I consider it, the scenic route, and really, it was all about merely seeing, or more, feeling the sun’s rays. 

Shortly after, a woman sits next to me on the train and asks, …I’m on my way to meet a friend; can you tell me how to get to ...?  I smile and respond, Oh dear, something’s in the air - you’re going the wrong way, too!  I’m actually on my way to work, so I’ll go with you and show you.  I share with her, Why I am following the sun today, and how good it makes me feel to simply gaze, whichever way, it’s glowing!  When she replied, You, too? Amazed, we chuckle, and wound up talking and laughing all the while, basking in the sun, proclaiming our kindred spirits!  When we finally reach her destination, she says to me, Let's definitely meet again!  I have a friend....  Well, her friend turned out to be a man, who owned a fleet of yachts; she said, we could watch the sunset on the water!  GUMP!  I say to myself, as I close my eyes and give thanks! 

Had To Share: One of my inspiring reads, a book by Deepak Chopra appropriately entitled, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire.  I know this to be true!

Live in the present
launch yourself on every wave
find eternity in each moment...
— Thoreau

Life - Incident or Coincidence?

So you'll see, and still, I float and not on just any boat!  I tend to go in whichever way my heart, my instincts, the way I feel, because I know, what comes next, might just be My Greatest Reel, and so I flow through my days in such whimsical ways of loving and living, effortlessly giving of myself.  Can’t help it!  It’s just what I do!  It’s what gets me through – when my day is spent laughing, sharing, inspiring and especially pampering – YOU! 

I Flow Like The Breeze, Just Giddy In All My Artistry, Graciously Living My Eternity

I Flow Like The Breeze, Just Giddy In All My Artistry, Graciously Living My Eternity

Oh yes, I’ve been blessed!  I Flow Like The Breeze, Just Giddy In All My Artistry, Graciouly Living My Eternity.  I just seem to invite and I so delight in these beautiful experiences, and quite often I think, I must have done something right – in a past life!

I truly enjoy employing my many passions in my every day living, celebrating all the little which ways - so much giving!  I live life like...Madly -- the inspiration for the original catch-all phrase and my mantra of MadlyLiving

No!  Thank You!  It's What I Was Born To Do!

Celebrating Life, Liberty & Pursuit of A Happiness! 

Celebrating Life, Liberty & Pursuit of A Happiness! 

I WAS BORN to pamper, to soothe, to move, as much to ignite, and so delight in serving - YOU!  Giddy in all God's Gifts of me, I am privileged too, as I enjoy and have been blessed with an abundance of creative quests, and all of which I get to dabble in everyday, celebrating life, liberty and pursuit of a happiness in so many beautiful, meaningful and loving ways. 

It is My Dome - the comfort and calm you experience, visiting My Home.  Oh, when you arrive, I am humbled by the wonder in your eyes, the faith in your embrace, the calm in your stance, and when you depart, I do a little slow dance - though in my heart.  Oh, for the joy you've given me and My Grannie, too - to have shared a moment in this life with you.  Oh no, this be not by chance.  Know that it is my wish - My Gift - to serve you! 

I am available for Inspirational Speaking Engagements, but mostly, I just want to pamper you and cook a soul-filled breakfast for you, too! 


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An Artist In My Everyday!

I write! I paint! I cook! I bake!

I eat well! I speak! I sew! I sell!

I serve! I pamper! I comfort! I give!

I laugh! I love! I ... live!

[Do you hear me?]

I Am MadlyLiving!