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BLO ... To Go

(Business Lessons for Owners)


A brief Did You Know introduction, I call, Business Take Out - especially for The At Hearts (the artist/musician, the writer, the layman, the newbie, the trustee), individuals,  independents, sole proprietors, small business owners - A Few Quick, Hands-On Lessons and Tips On Keeping Track of The Money, to take home with you, back to your business, to chew on, to digest and to put into practice today! 


  • In a business partnership, no matter who is designated in charge of the money, each partner is fully responsible for The Money? So, if one partner embezzles or intentionally misrepresents The Money, all partners can be found criminally negligent?


  • The truth, indeed the proof, of your business finances are always in the bank statements. No matter your partner(s), your accountant, your manager, your bookkeeper, your faithful employee, your trusted family, to all ends, every month YOU MUST (with your own eyes), look through the statement(s), review deposits and debits line by line, take the time and understand, question, verify and randomly ... audit the money!

Gotta Clean That Thang Up!

BLO ... To Go Just my playful spin on watching your back in business, in partnership and, of course, in handling The Money!  -- Mariby Corpening

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