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"A Haven of Hospitality, Reeks of Bread, Comfort & Creativity!"

       --Hospitalent Mariby Corpening

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Bout To Slap Somebody!

Arriving late to brunch, a guest rushes in at the very end; so, I heat up a plate of what's left and serve.  When suddenly she yells out, Wait, wait, is anybody standing behind me? [checking around her] Because these biscuits are sooooo good, umma bout to slap somebody!  The table erupts in laughter; hence, the name, Mariby Corpening's Buttermilk “Slap” Biscuits.  --Guest

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How Bout Those Biscuits!

Mariby Corpening’s Buttermilk SLAP Biscuits

“These Biscuits are so good; umma bout to SLAP somebody!” —Guest

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Know that with your purpose-filled contributions, through donation, reservation, participation, collaboration and/or sponsorship at A Brunch of Sundays, A Brunch & Learn or Other Private Dining Experiences, portions of the proceeds - inherent fundraising - will help support vital hands-on outreach in our local community!

eventfully bringing people together in the spirit of giving forward & saving dreams, inherently doing unto us…all!