In Exchange for Your Purpose-Filled Donations


Though, of course, The MadlyGiving Campaign supports various fundraising efforts, the Atikal Foundation, God’s Treasures & The S.E.L.F. Image Awards are the three main nonprofits supported by #MadlyGiving, in humble exchange for your donations! Know that with your purpose-filled contributions, through donation, reservation, participation, collaboration and/or sponsorship at A Brunch of Sundays, A Brunch & Learn and/or Other Private Dining Experience, a portion of the proceeds - inherent fundraising - helps to support vital hands-on outreach in our local community.

For more information about the nonprofits supported by your contributions to The MadlyGiving Campaign, see below, a brief introduction and please visit their websites, where you may also donate directly!

The Raw Beauty Calendar

The Raw Beauty Calendar

atikal foundation

Kita Williams, Founder of the Atikal Foundation - A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization launched in 2010. We empower under-served communities through artistic expression, education and civic engagement. Our services help our clients heal, feel valued and to reclaim their personal power.

We are a family that believes every victim of cancer and domestic violence deserves to heal and reclaim their personal power…refashioning what survivorship looks like.

Raw Beauty®, an initiative of the Atikal Foundation, reminds people what it means to be loved and feel alive!

Through love, faith, art and laughter, we are able to unlock the doors to the hearts of those who have suffered so much, thus healing their past and finding strength for their future.


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GOD’S Treasures assist women who are currently or has recently overcome a temporary state of stolen identity with the emphasis on childhood abuse, homelessness, drug/ alcohol addiction, imprisonment, prostitution, domestic violence, as well any other lifestyle that has caused her to experience a life of despair. We instill hope … They shop for high-end fashions at GODS TREASURES BOUTIQUE at no cost and attend events and getaways that transform the way they think of themselves as they tap into their true identity that was stolen.


Jacqueline Younger, Founder of GOD’s Treasures - Fashion often tells a story, but in the case of GOD’S Treasures Boutique, the fashions make sure that a woman’s happy ending continues. Female overcomers of homelessness, domestic violence, prostitution, prison and substance addictions often stop by this unique boutique in Fort Washington, MD. Here, price tags are a thing of the past. 

You’ve changed your life…now change your wardrobe! GOD’S Treasures wants to reward your transformation and clothes you in attire that matches your ambitions. In line with these noble efforts, donors give new garments, shoes, handbags, perfumes, hats and jewelry, so that our sisters are able to not just continue giving their all but looking their best. Overcomers, find upscale fashions here for your Sunday services, Bible Study, Events, Your Interviews and attire for when you land the job God has for you…!

County Exec. Angela Alsobrooks’ Inaugural Ball

County Exec. Angela Alsobrooks’ Inaugural Ball

Marci & Shanti Walker of Madam Walkers’ Braids, Lockery & School

Marci & Shanti Walker of Madam Walkers’ Braids, Lockery & School

S.E.L.F image AWARDS foundation

Marci Walker, Founder-President of the S.E.L.F. Image Awards Foundation, a 501(c)(3) - This passionate, transplanted New Yorker has been an innovative, forward thinker in all of her endeavors. Having many honor/awards to her credit, she is Executive Director of the S.E.L.F. Image Awards, an acronym for Sisters Empowered for Life by Faith. The nonprofit charity raises funds for victims/survivors and gives tuition-free education scholarships to sisters who have an interest in studying Natural Hair Care and can show financial need through an essay and application.

The Nonprofit Master With Class


Sandra Chaney, Compelling Change Agent, Nonprofit Strategist and Grant Specialist,  Bestselling Author, Certified Fatherless Daughter Advocate, National Speaker and on the board of several nonprofits, is on a global assignment to help women live and love beyond their titles, be more than their businesses/ ministries and; transform their lives to manifest the mission they were created to bring forth.

It is My Joy, My Wish - My Gift, really - to bake, to pamper, to serve, to lovingly cook - A TRULY SOUL-FILLED MEAL FOR YOU and my way of thanking you, too!

Eventfully bringing people together in the spirit of giving forward and saving dreams - Inherently doing unto us…all!

-- #IAmMadlyGiving