Mariby Corpening's International Soul Playlist

by Various International Artists


I enjoy soulful, relaxing, transformative, just beautiful, rhythmic sounds, both vocal and instrumental music (#InternationalSoulMusic). Rather than listen to the usual, often limited radio banter, I seek to bask in the musical genius of lesser known artists from all over the world. Among many, some of the more soulful tracks of artists like Wasis Diop, Angelique Kidjo, Coco Mbassi, Ali Farka Toure, Sara Tavares, Ceu, Kaissa, Bebe, Lokua Kanza, Les Nubians, Youssou N'dour, and the list goes on!

In this, my collection of international music, I am transformed, as if I am right there in that little corner of the world! You will see that soulful rhythms of the world flow through me, in all that I do!

(Image left) Me in my creative nest, where I often write, think, dream, actualize My Life of MadlyLiving!

My guests are always asking me about my music; so, I thought I also would share with you some of my favorite soulful music from around the world. Here’s Apple iTunes’ link to Mariby Corpening’s Playlist of International Soul Music!