Ready-Made Holiday Spread

My New Year's Eve Birthday Party was indeed the best of all my birthdays!  I was so excited about the occasion (my very first birthday party in 56 years), I mean, my guests, the dance, the music, the DJ (JaythaRealist), the themed holiday decor (Elegant Bundles by Ericsson Brown), the ambiance, but nothing more food! 

Mariby Corpening's New Year's Eve Birthday Bash

Not my usual breakfast spread, and I had to enlist the help of - forgive me for even thinking this, but, well, ready-made preparations.  I struggled with this, for how could I, me, Mariby, serve food that is not made by me - from scratch.  Though, for such a huge occasion (My Birthday AND New Year's Eve), I had to give in and acknowledge that I just can't do it all - just too many guests to wow, too much to do, not enough time, not enough energy; but, what I could do was make it quality and make it classy and, of course, as always, I make it my own.  For example, by adding my touches with the sauces I made from scratch.  My guests raved over my home-made (always in my fridge)  Chimichurri Sauce - just goes with so many things - as a marinade, as a finisher, as spread on a sandwich.  Grannie and I have some everyday!  I made a big bowl of it and placed it in the middle of my spread of chicken wingettes; but, you could dollop it over your broiled salmon, I even mixed some in with ready-made Quinoa Salad to bump up the flavor - that's what it is, a Flavor Booster! All said, no matter! #ThingsThatMakeYouGoOom

My guests could not stop talking about my home-made Chimichurri Sauce (that green stuff in the middle)

My guests could not stop talking about my home-made Chimichurri Sauce (that green stuff in the middle)

The key is to make the preparations easy on you (Salmon and Shrimp), make some things and buy some ready-made, but quality menu items.  Around the holidays, that's easy!  No time to make a cake, so a sheet cake from your favorite bakery or grocery, platters of food, pre-cooked & cut ham (with my own home-made glaze), ready-made meatballs (and I made the Swedish Meatball sauce), pre-mixed salads (and I added my own flavors), pre-cut cheeses (and I added a fresh fruits display), I ordered the wings from America's Best Wings (and added my Chimchurri as the finishing sauce).  Though, my guests didn't get to enjoy, I did make my own slider cheeseburgers, that never even made it to the table!  But that next day, oh, they were oom, oom good!  So, yes, it is possible to do it all and make it classy, tasty and memorable! 


Finally, I thank all my guests, who braved the chilling temperatures to celebrate with me and, I must thank those who helped me put this all together, including the DJ Jaytharealist, Elegant Bundles by Ericsson Brown, Joe Allison's Handyman Services, My Daughter with just all her youthful energy and strength, and especially My Awesome Moma - Grannie - My Super Shero!

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Mariby Corpening's

Ready-Made Holiday Spread

including My Guests & All the Trimmings

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