Breakfast Sliders

Loved at first sight!  So, you know, I've been wanting to try these - an assortment of breakfast slider sandwiches, to include Egg & Cheese with Ham or Sausage, Bacon, Salmon, etc.  DELICIOUS!  A real crowd pleaser, because there's something for everyone, even if only vegetables or no cheese at all.  I will tell you that the Smoked Salmon Sliders went quick! So, always make more.  I will also tell you that one pack of dinner rolls won't be enough; so, make no less than two packs!  And yes, freeze it for later to quickly pop in the oven! 

An Assortment of Breakfast Sliders

You've seen similar images and always they look delectable.  So, I know you've been thinking about trying it, too!  The best part, not only is it an easy recipe, but everybody will love them!  No specific recipe necessary; just gather and pre-cook your favorite breakfast meats (Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Salmon, etc.), scramble, fry or bake your eggs, and as I said, you'll need at least two packages of your favorite dinner rolls (sliced in half) and from there just build.

The assembly is up to you, because of course there are a few extra steps with variety; but, here's what I do:  I just love a special sauce on any sandwich, so for these, I based my rolls with a spread of Chimichurri sauce (an Argentinian staple, usually served with steak), then the meat, the egg, the cheese, a garnish, like fresh Spinach & sprinkle of seasonings, close up the sandwich, perhaps brush on a honey-butter glaze, some poppy seeds, cracked black pepper, maybe, pop the sheet pan of sliders into the oven and bake (4-5 minutes on 350 degrees) until cheese has melted, and man, your guests will not stop questioning, OMG!  What is in this?  It's the mere assortment of sliders and but the flavor combination. #ThingsThatMakeYouGoOom

Think no further!  Do it! 


Mariby Corpening's

Assortment of Breakfast Sliders

With A Fresh Chimchurri Spread

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