Strawberry Shortcake

With stuff just hanging out in my refrigerator, you know, of course, I've always got, well, my infamous buttermilk biscuits (scratch-made and warm from the oven) and strawberry preserves (which I make a few times a month) and, while I'll admit that someone actually bought me some vanilla ice cream, man-o-man, it just tastes delicious!  Fresh, not too sweet, not fake!  [You know what I mean?] #ThingsThatMakeYouGoOom

Fresh & Easy Strawberry Shortcake

Fresh & Easy because it's makings are always around; so, it's my go to, especially when I have unexpected guests.  It's a plate of sweet love with even some fresh summer strawberries to garnish.  If you've had my biscuits and preserves before, this will blow you away!  Oh, just wait until you experience my Strawberry Shortcake.  Just one of those things that makes you go,  Oooooooom! 


Mariby Corpenings Strawberry Short Cake.jpg

Mariby Corpening's

Easy Strawberry Shortcake

With warmed biscuits & Home-Made Strawberry Preserves

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Things That Make You Go, Oooooooom!
— From A Family Fued TV Game Show