Chicken Yassa

Om, Om, Om, we go, every time I make this dish!  SENEGALESE CHICKEN YASSA - One of the main dishes of Senegal, West Africa!  Essentially, grilled (baked, stewed or even fried) chicken in a caramelized onion and mustard sauce, most often served over Jasmine rice. This is my version, though, I can't even take full credit, as it's the most popular dish in Senegal, West Africa. 

I have had the extraordinary experience of living somewhat of a Senegalese life and have embraced some of its culture - especially, the cooking.  I won't brag about it too much, because although my version tastes pretty dang good, it doesn't touch the authentic preparations by my ex and his sisters!  WOW, can they cook!  The fresh herbs, the mix of seasonings, Oooooooom!  #ThingsThatMakeYouGoOom

Senegalese Chicken Yassa

I try to get as close as possible to authentic Yassa, though, with my spin.  Essentially, it's a chicken and rice dish with a gravy of mainly mustard, onions and lemon and, of course, herbs and spices, all mixed together and baked in the oven.  But, well, I like my chicken first seared, then grilled separately from the sauce and later placed in the already cooked-down mustard sauce (either simmered or baked) with tons of onions, lemon and garlic.  Served over a perfectly cooked Basmati or Jasmine Rice (no Uncle Bens, please) with a side of a fresh green salad, fresh-baked bread and a pitcher of Bissap (Hibiscus), the national drink of Senegal. 

A simple, but tasty dish.  Look up Chicken Yassa on the internet and try making your own version.  No matter how you do it, it is always just good! 

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Senegalese Chicken Yassa

With Caramelized Onions & Lemons In A Spicy Mustard Sauce

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