Peruvian-Spiced Fried Chicken

Although, and of course, I love fried chicken, I don't fry often enough to re-use the oil soon enough, so I sought out to make fried chicken that's cooked much more easily in my oven and that makes up for the crunchiness, at the very least, in shear flavor. 

To date, I have not had chicken cooked in any manner more flavorful than Peruvian Roasted Chicken, hence the inspiration for my choice of seasonings.  So, I created a dry mix of Peruvian spices and married it with sometimes a quick pan fry and mainly oven-fried chicken recipe.  Ooooooom! #ThingsThatMakeYouGoOom

Peruvian-Spiced Fried Chicken

See Recipe for Mariby Corpening's Oven-Fried Chicken.  NOTE that for crunchiness, I tried ground Melba Toast, an application (for crunchiness) I saw on an episode of America's Test Kitchen and now use it. I have also tried a crunchiness from rice, Grannie grounded for me in the food processor, which also renders a rice flour that could be used instead of all-purpose flour; but I am still playing around with my ideal application for ensuring the crunch in my mainly oven-fried chicken.  No matter, the flavor-filled Peruvian spice mix sets it apart! 


One healthy-minded guest said to me

 I don't even eat chicken legs, let alone fried, but this has outstanding flavor!  Delicious!

Peruvian-Spiced Fried Chicken

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