This time of year just wakes up the inner-chef in us all!  No matter how much or how little you cook, often we have at least one recipe for a favorite dish, we are often asked to cook/bake and bring with us to the feast.  I have several favorites - Scratch-Made Buttermilk Biscuits, Lemon-Coconut Cake, Cornbread, Banana-Nut Bread, Blueberry Muffins, Belgian Waffles, Yeast Rolls, etc., and of course, and I can't believe I've never posted the recipe for one of my absolute favorites - Mariby Corpening's Apple & Sweet Potato Pies! 

And, of course, I began getting requests for My Double-Crusted Sweet Potato and Apple Pies for the holidays; so, now, I take orders!  Though, during the holidays, a reminder to contact me to order your pie(s) a season ahead! 

Double-Crusted Sweet Potato Pie

Double-Crusted Sweet Potato Pie

Recipe for My Apple & Sweet Potato Pies

OMG!  I am a breadoholic - a total crust person and I like it thick, too!  All that butter, the golden crispiness, the sweet and savory aromas, the flavorful filling; though, it has to be good, is almost secondary to the expected grandeur of the crust itself.  Of course, both the filling and crusts are made from scratch; but, here's my twist, not only do my sweet potato pies have a top and bottom crust, but almost as importantly, I roast the sweet potatoes with butter, sugar, cinnamon and a little bit of salt, rather than the standard of boiling - adds such richness in flavor - and with the double-crust, yup, it's just enough crust in every bite!  Riiiiiiight! #ThingsThatMakeYouGoOom

See recipe for my Apple & Sweet Potato Pies

You should know that it took me awhile to develop this recipe and I am still trying new ideas.  I've not shared this recipe before, so please let me know your thoughts - and especially if, on my blog, I may have missed a step!


Mariby Corpening's Thick-Crust Apple Pie

Mariby Corpening's Thick-Crust Apple Pie

Thick-Crust Pies


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