Banana CocoNut Bread

So, here's the thing about my Banana CocoNut Bread, before I made it myself, I just would not eat it!  Never liked even the thought of bananas and a lot of nuts in a dense bread.  Until, I came across the recipe, Janet's Rich Banana Bread.  And, I do mean my first time out, I made her version and fell into some banana-nut love!  The batter alone is tasty enough (I lick my fingers and the bowl, by myself), light texture, not too sweet and very savory, and when it comes out of the oven, the crispy end pieces ... are what families fight over. It was a proud day for me - a battle over ... my bread!  #ThingsThatMakeYouGoOom

My Favorite Banana-Nut Bread

From there, I tweaked it to my tastes, to include sweet coconut, only my favorite nuts, fresh ginger, etc.  When, I'm having guests, for a more festive dessert appeal, I even top it with a Warm Plum Compote and my favorite, Honey Butter.  Oooooom!  And I always, always make two loaves (one to keep and one to share).  Trust me, you want your own loaf!

So, I must give credit to Janet for enlightening me on not only the great taste, the light texture, but even the, uh, uh, nutrition.  All around, some good stuff ... going down!  Oooooom

See recipe and instructions and let me know how it turns out ... for you, too?



Banana CocoNut Bread

With Warm Plum Compote

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