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A Breakfast Enthusiast

Ooooooom!  Anybody who knows me, knows, oh, I love me some fresh, thoughtful, tasty, just good food and now that I am free to be all that is ... me, something you may not know, Oh man, I just love to cook, too!  Though, I guess I consider myself more of a Breakfast Enthusiast - not a chef, not a caterer, but a title I coined, Hospitalent - aka, multitalented in hospitality, joyously celebrating the more intimate affairs of our lives with meaningful gatherings and simply good food! And after so many years of eating out, any and everywhere, from fine dining to greasy spoon - Wow, I did that a lot - I actually now prefer the fresh, not-so-processed, nostalgic, thoughtful preparations, albeit consuming, The Home-Cooked Meal.

My Morning workout - prepping brunch!

My Morning workout - prepping brunch!

The Good I Do With Food

While I still enjoy occasionally dining out, there's no comparison, when the meal is of my own making - in your home or mine.  No matter where I am, so much love and thought goes into it and yes, I talk to myself -- about the should I, oh, just the good I do with food.  Although, I must admit that my greatest pleasure is cooking for my family.  (LEFT:  Me in Cora's Kitchen in North Carolina cooking the family Christmas Brunch).  PURE JOY!

Anyway, so, I'd decided that it's time I started a food blog; so now, I can talk to you, too, about another passion of mine - The Lure, The Joys, The Conversations, The Comfort of Good Food!

The Gathering Power of Good Food

Oh, I so obviously enjoy food, and not just the eating, but savoring the aromas, marrying the herbs, complementing the spices, prettying up the garnishes, fortifying the sauces, the table appeal, the freshness, the natural, the seasonal, the artisanal, the pleasure of serving, the honor in nourishing, the gathering power of good food; there's just so much more to it than the cooking.  Yup, I really get into it! 

I've often been told that I should chronicle my preparations, too!  And for years, I have, though, in writing my recipes, just never socially sharing.  And what better a blog title, what we so often say, when the aroma, the presentation, the taste so warms, juices, excites our palates and makes us go, Ooooooom! #ThingsThatMakeYouGoOom

Love Is Present

Okay, I'll admit, I am a bit foofoo, in as much the presentation - truly, just me in my everyday.  Yes, I take the time to pretty up my mere Egg & Cheese on an English Muffin and a cup of Viennese Coffee - starting off my days, in my ways - a little pleasure before heading out for work.

Share with me and you will see that so obviously, there is so much love in All That I Do!

Enjoy my new food blog and thank you! —Hospitalest Mariby Corpening

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Just me, in my everyday!

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Love is the spiritual energy that induces elevation — the transcendent moment in creation when craft becomes art.
— Sarah Ban Breathnach