Jerked Chicken & Rice

So, this is my version made just this past weekend - Jerked Chicken & Rice (mildly spicy).  Of course, it could be more spicy (hot), but I want to appeal to those who don't or won't do heat, because, well that used to be me.  There was a time I wouldn't go near anything hot, until ... well, let's just say, this guy (my ex) can really put a hurt'n on some meat!  Oooooom, just to look at it, uh, uh, his meat, uh, uh, the meat, I mean!  [clearing my throat]  Moving on!

Jerked Chicken & Rice

Absolutely love Jerked Chicken & Rice, from back in a day, when I was just too stupid over a guy from the Caribbean!  You hear me, stupid!  And he cooked for me, too and well, that's all I will say about that!  You'll have to consult My Book of Adult Poetry (hopefully soon to be published) for The Hole's'Truth

Needless to say, he, uh, uh, it was always just all too hot for me, though I slaved through it anyway -- the heat, from the jerk, you understand!  My Gawd, I was crazy about this man, but I had to let it go! 

No!  I had to!  Yes, I womaned up and walked away from this hold he had on me, but my heart never gave up ... on The Jerk!  I didn't even cook back then - always too busy, always at work!  Now, with a little more time on my hands and an appreciation for God's plan for me, I set out to make My Own Jerk in ways best suited for my more sensitive palate -- not so salty, not so hot, not so drop dead, yet still gorgeous!  The kind of man, uh, uh, I mean, Jerked Chicken that is already well-seasoned with authentic herbs and spices of the Caribbean, intensified by an overnight marinade in hot peppers, allspice, thyme, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.  I prefer it grilled, but oven baked produces results just as well - a little crispy, a little blackened on the outside, yet juicy inside and pleasing not only to the palate but for the eyes to feast on, too.  I serve it over a gentler Spicy Yellow Rice with lots of sauteed onions, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, lemon, capers, a fresh green salad tossed in my own Honey & Lime Vinaigrette, Cocoa-Bread Rolls I bake from scratch, so we get them hot out of the oven and we finish with a tall icy glass of Grannie's infamous Hibiscus Tea with honey, ginger and lemon.  

Once I get it all together, I will also begin posting recipes. 

No!  Thank You!  It's What I Do!


Jerked Chicken & Rice

not so salty, not so hot, not so drop dead

yet still gorgeous!

(Oh, wow, now, that describes me ... exactly!)

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