An Artfully Witty And Delightfully Poetic Interpretation

Of One Woman's Real-Life Inspired "Tried & Fairly True" Sexual Affirmations …

Something About "A Hole"!


The MadlyLiving Chronicles

A Woman's Write To A Good Phucking Life!

EROTICTAINMENT By Madly Jane Copyright 2019

Graphic Images By Mariby Corpening

The MadlyLiving ChroniclesTM are mostly uh, uh, true works of narcissistic expression, based on a series - mere situations really - of non-fiction, artistically painted with some conviction, logistically tainted with a Hole's lot of suspicion, some just wrong and even offensive diction and, of course, the wildly witty, delightfully giddy and insightfully creative imagination of its author - Madly Jane - uniquely positioned, uh, uh, fraught with contradiction; therefore, necessitate just a few minor conditions:  Due to the private, lie a bit, Holely uninhibited nature of The MadlyLiving ChroniclesTM, all names, all claims, all faces, all places and all known traces of The Hole's Truth ... remain and shall forever be sustained, as "Anonymous;" so, no phucking promises!


I can’t say for sure how This Hole Thing got started

I mean, considering that throughout history, it has been largely ill-regarded

So and though, finally, comes now some of The Hole’s TruthTM

A Preview of My MadlyLiving ChroniclesTM

Many of you have been following me almost My Hole Life

but, for those of you, who don't know me, not to mention, owe me, so ... intimately

I AM Madly Jane

(aka MadlyLiving)

Never too late in life

I AM in response to your more exotic and temptuous tastes

nothing too mild, perhaps a bit wild, in my state of Mid-Life ... Style

and why my brand of Entertaining Erotica very personally relates

Frankly, it's you and you and yeah [old man], you, too

No score, nor hate, just figured we gotta share some of the truly funny shyt

what for, why wait, when we too old, crabby, senile, lost wit or just plain forget'n shyt

and although, my bones are get'n a bit stiff and my belly in a fit of fat

you should know that these days

I AM actually at a wonderfully creative, energetic, avant-garde, off-my-guard

and, not at all embarrassed to say, sexually charged

- Time Of My Life! -

 And so, oh, oh, you know, I Must Write!

Finally like, I AM free ... to be all that is ... me and bursting at what seems

with eclectic tales - of course, creatively embellished - of my real-life inspired

 rather exceptional sexual, more and less, a confessional

what I like to call, The Hole's Truth

(so helped me Gawd)

Oh, it’s a turn page, mostly in outrage

and not to be upstaged

but, in this day, at my age, quite frankly, I AM All My Rave!

I Am MadlyLiving!

Graphics By Mariby Corpening


A True Erotic Treasure!  You've not had the LOL pleasure of a for grown-ups only reading experience anything like this before, nor anywhere in adult entertainment.  Yes, I've already claimed it, welcome to my world - ErotictainmentTM?

Cum, Live, Love, Laugh With Us!  Share with me and [up til now] only My Best of Friends, and know that, really, it's all just my phucking opinion - essentially playful rantings and raves in general defense of My Hole's Life, not to be upstaged - a turn page, often in outrage! 

Oh My Word!  Know that I Laugh As I Write some oh, so titillating stories of the trials and missed interpretations of My Hole's Life!  [You get it, right?] 

I thank you for your support and for all these years in laughter from the many a night ... after!

Enjoy a Preview of Cum'n Attractions, a spill, if you will, [yeah, I get that all the time] from what was once all in my mind!

A read so sublime

so on phucking time

will mock you quite blind

put to task your righteous mind

and make ya laugh at the same time

You'll be try'na find

The MadlyLiving Chronicles

with a hand, a Hole and a hung, uh, uh, fog light

in the key weee hours

of a damned and

dog of a night!



Featured Situations

Experience a work of the art in excerpt from The MadlyLiving ChroniclesTM EROTICTAINMENT by Madly Jane Copyright 2019

Graphic Images by Mariby Corpening

Graphic Images By Mariby Corpening

Graphic Images By Mariby Corpening


-- I really enjoyed reading your story[ies], and say that as one who wouldn't necessarily pick up an erotic novel.  ... 40-something year olds [will be] giving one another high fives and the younger [women will be] wanting to age.  …  tackles a subject[s] rather taboo …; yet, you put the reader at ease

Graphic Images By Mariby Corpening

Hail To The Whore, To The Mistress, To The Wife!
Every Hole Gotta ... Right!
— Madly Jane