Just Giddy In All My Artistry


An artist in my everyday, I do what I do! Most often specialty items made to order; but also, sometimes I’d would just make a bunch to sell. As you will see from the images (below), I’ve made plush comforters, unique pillows, rich couch throws, yeah, I even paint a little, I’ve done some evening hand bags, a few hats, beautiful shawls, lots and lots of earrings and of course, my Beauty-Free Dresses - which, you see, I wear everyday!

Please forgive the lack of clarity on some of the older images; I went way back to pull out only some of what I’ve done over the years, and I mean, literally, out of the closet!

Made By Mariby

A collection of various projects, gifts and services over the years! Many more I can’t even name, least find anymore!

What Can I Make For You?

  Contact Mariby and let me know what specialty item I can make for you! It’s All What I Do!

An Artist In My Everyday!

I write! I paint! I cook! I bake! I eat ... well!

I speak! I sew! I show! I teach! I even sell!

I serve! I pamper! I comfort! I give!

I laugh! I love! I ... live!

I Am MadlyLiving!