A Unique, Intimate Private Dining Experience!

Know that it is just ME, sharing what I love to do with you, in humble exchange for your purpose-filled donations - my way of giving forward, inherently doing unto us…all!  —Hospitalent Mariby Corpening

Dinner at Mariby’s was everything, then we got lifted!! — Lydia C.

Dinner at Mariby’s was everything, then we got lifted!! —Lydia C.

What My Guests Are Saying About Their Private Dining Experience & Other Products & Services

Hospitalent Mariby Corpening's Dinner & Theater, featuring DAUGHTER OF THE STRUGGLE, A One Woman Show by AYANNA GREGORY. Truly A WOW Night!

A WOW Night!

Dinner [& Theater Experience] at Mariby’s was everything, then we got lifted!! ...Tonight was like magic, but real. Thank you for sharing your love and light so we can get free! .... My grandpa lived to be 107 and one of my greatest joys was making space to celebrate every birthday from 100 on with him. No time could be better spent! Mariby, thank you again for opening your home and heart and sharing such yummy goodness (physical and spiritual food)! Continued blessings! —Lydia C. 

Mariby, it truly was a “Words of Wisdom” (WOW) evening from a “Woman of Worth”!  ... it was a thought-provoking, uplifting, inspiring, and powerful performance.  Thank you for inviting me. I met some dynamic and lovely people. —Juanita M


Serving Others Is Her Gift

We had an amazing experience [at] Mariby Corpenings’ for …a birthday brunch. The food was so delicious, flavorful and fresh. The service we received was outstanding and you can definitely tell serving others is her gift. We were like little kids waiting on the ice cream truck to come around. If you’re looking for an intimate setting with delicious food and superb service you should check her out. I promise you won't be disappointed. And her homemade biscuits and jelly will make you want to smack somebody. I’m still in awe of the experience of your food and hospitality! #blackowned My girls! ❤️❤️❤️—Cat W.

Fighting Over The Crumbs


My Latest Biscuit Sensation! Just recently, I tried adding cheese to my infamous Buttermilk SLAP Biscuits. Grannie yells out to me from the kitchen, having just tasted my Cheddar Slapped Biscuits for the first time, Momi, these biscuits are so good, more like a BLACK EYE, than a SLAP! —Grannie Yup, you were vying for the last few biscuits! Well, now, you’ll be fighting over the crumbs! #BlackEyeBiscuits, #MyCrumbsToGoPlease

Fathers’ Day Low Country Broil Experience

Fathers’ Day Low Country Broil Experience

We Took Elegance Outside

All The Way Worth It

I just wanna say thank you to my Aunt @maribycorpening for putting on a great #fathersdaybrunch for us fathers! I tell you, the hospitality that she provides to her customers is 100% First Class! …nothing, but WONDERFUL! I urge everyone who reads this post that if you want a great time, relaxation, and great food, then go and follow my Aunt and support [The MadlyGiving Campaign]! IT IS ALL THE WAY WORTH IT! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ —dj_jaydarealist

Such a great response for the Fathers’ Day Seafood Feast, we had to take the elegance outside! And yes, there is such a thing as a Low Country Boil done with elegance!


Mariby, you really need to post this image of the outside! Such elegance! Guests get to enjoy some views of National Harbor while they dine! So, beautiful, it makes anybody want to plan something special.—Althea R.

Divinely Mine Sunday At The Well

My Brunch Experience at      Wellspring Manor & Spa      - What A Pleasure, for even me!

My Brunch Experience at Wellspring Manor & Spa - What A Pleasure, for even me!

… You were divine, as well. The food was delicious and you words were so inspirational. You really spoke to my heart and confirmed some thing my best friend and I were just speaking on a day prior. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. —Erin P.

Mariby Corpening is the stuff, y'all! Experienced a fabulous brunch prepared by this sista! Please consider her if you are planning a special brunch and need someone to prepare it for you! Mariby is magnificent! —Lisa A., WellSpring Manor & Spa

The Colored Womens’ Eating Club Experience


LISSEN The Color Women’s Eating Club was filled with tears, healing, laughter and amazing food. I was so very grateful to be the Facilitator for this intimate gathering of beautiful sisters and elders. I’m still basking in what took place. Thank you Mariby Corpening for this awesome brunch experience! —Sandra C.

And you [Sandra Chaney] were amazing 🙏 So grateful to have been apart of this beautiful group!
The food was world class and the love, sharing, and understanding of each one journey and the weaving together was beyond words ❤️ Every woman should come to a COLORED WOMEN’S EATING CLUB at Mariby’s experiences!
—Debra W.

Added Level of Richness & Deeper Love for My Culture

Raw Beauty Brunch.jpg

The private dining experience showered me with love, gratitude and more love! From the food to the ambiance to the company...I can't express how grateful I am to have had that experience. It added a level of richness and a deeper love for my culture and all it brings! The slap biscuits...OH.MY.GOSH! I was thinking about those biscuits ALL week! I can't wait to schedule a dining experience for friends and family! —Dr. Lenese S.

Atikal Foundation’s Raw Beauty Dream Team Appreciation Brunch

Royal Class Service

YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! We had an awesome time. Thank You for hosting the Raw Beauty Initiative by Atikal Foundation. FOOD - Rave Reviews 🥞🥓🥗🥗🥰 > ATMOSPHERE & VIEWS - Gorgeous! > PRESENTATION - Royal Class > GRANNY - Adorable > and YOU - So appreciate your heart, love, and passion! Thank you for an awesome experience. Love You! —Atikal Foundation

Huge Understatement

Words simply can’t describe the experience at brunch today with Grannie and Mariby. The food was superb, the wisdom was unexpected yet delightful, the fellowship was exactly what we all needed. To say brunch was delicious would be a HUGE understatement of what I really received from brunch today. My college friends and I were greeted at the door and warmly welcomed into your lovely home, but were still uncertain of what to expect. We were full times two. My belly and heart were full and bursting with deep love. The kind that is layered and layered in flavor and the conversation and experiences in rich history, which is not possible at a traditional restaurant. Thank you Mariby, thank you Grannie for pouring into our souls and feeding an area that was starved for a greater connection with fellowship and ”real” food. The biscuits alone are worth the trip - seriously!!!!! Everything and I do mean everything tastes 5 star. We even took home homemade jam in aluminum foil. Yes aluminum foil (🤣🤣🤣) because it was so good. May God continue to richly bless you both! #BiscuitsTasteBetterWithJam, #DontTouchMyBag, #ToGOcontainersPlease —Nakia H.

Worth The Trip!

We needed to select a place to dine somewhere between Philly and Manassas to accommodate us, and then I remembered your post [Lydia]. You said it was worth the trip, but I didn’t expect such a rewarding experience. What a hidden gem! … My heart is full. I had THE best brunch experience with my “good, good girlfriends” of almost 25 years, hosted by Mariby Corpening and Grannie. I don’t think I will ever look at a regular restaurant brunch the same. The food was AMAZING! All made from scratch. AND the hospitality, conversation, fellowship, the stories that reflect our culture, and the beautiful display of African art throughout, made this an even better dining experience. Thank you Lydia for the recommendation. The brunch was absolutely worth the trip. —Tamika C.


Tell Us About Your Private Dining Or Other Experience

Sandra Chaney - The Non-Profit Master With Class!

When passion and purpose meet!”

When passion and purpose meet, impact happens! My Nonprofits Master Class was elegant, upscale yet laid back, comfortable and intimate. There was true synergy in this space. Partnerships and true community were being formed, as we took time from the session to eat together. I am so grateful I get to use my gift and walk in purpose. I just want to thank Mariby Corpening for the 5-Star brunch the participants received and My Gail, Kijafa Wealthyone Parker for her support, gifting and love. It was amazing y’all. Participants said it exceeded their expectations. You just had to be in the room. #ItsAnInsideJob —Sandra C.

The Master Class far exceeded our expectations!”

Awestruck By Graciousness

I attended the recent Non-proft Master Class Brunch hosted by Sandra Chaney. To be welcomed into the warmth, comfort and elegance of Mariby's intimately sharing events is amazing. I've been blessed to have been a recipient of Mariby's charm and splendid hospitality for over ten years.... and I am still awestruck by her graciousness and divinely prepared fare. Mariby and Grannie’s [dining experience] far exceed what one would expect from …any event offering. Thank you so much Mariby & Sandra! Never Stop! —Marci W.

Shopping Experience

Just out for a bit holiday shopping, planning only to stop through, I was so delighted when I walked through the door! I’d gotten Mariby’s email about handcrafted jewelry for the holidays, so I was expecting just to see some nice jewelry and enjoy some delectable treats! What I was not expecting was how nice a unique shopping experience it would be. We bought several of Trina’s pieces [Eclectic Bling] and we wound up staying for hours - the shrimp were off the chain! —Guest

EB by Ericsson-Brown - An EB Experience!

One-Of-A-Kind Hand-Crafted Jewely

Impacting Lives

Along this entrepreneurial journey, I get to meet and impact the lives of some amazing people. Thank you Mariby Corpening for presenting and hosting an intimate Brunch and Learn on The Inside Secrets To Getting Money For Your Non-profit. I had an amazing time as the guest expert. Those biscuits—OMG! — Sandra S.

A Different Experience

The non-profit brunch was awesome filled with great food, great information, great networking and a warm, loving atmosphere, highly recommend. I've been to several brunches here and I've had a different experience each time and it gets better and better! Mariby, it was awesome as always! Metria S.

The Warmth & Soul of Mariby Corpening

Hospitalent Mariby Corpening’s Brunch Experiences are 5-Star!

Hospitalent Mariby Corpening’s Brunch Experiences are 5-Star!

Mariby, loving and serving. This is what she does!!! Andrea D.

Five-Star To Another Level

This is one of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had in my life! I’ve been to many excellent five star dining facilities where the service and food were impeccable, but they can’t touch the warmth and soul of Mariby Corpening. She takes “Five Star” to another level!  —Sondra L.

Brunch & Learn Featuring Grannie's Health Tonics -Visit Health Food Blog for Grannie's Tonics

Valuable Information

...Just want to say another big THANK YOU for your hospitality...My family and I had a great time being in your home...eating DELICIOUS food, learning valuable information [from Grannie] about our health, and getting some[of Grannie's] good ol' tonic!  (#GranniesTonics) I took mine this morning!  Keep up the great work, Miss Mariby! —Markia W.

Brunch & Taxes with Calvin Brown of C. Brown & Associates, Inc.

For Kings & Queens

Thanks Sister Mariby for hosting such a beautiful event...thoroughly enjoyed every minute of being in the presence of the group and most especially in the presence of your home and family.  It was "A FIVE STAR EVENT FIT FOR KINGS AND QUEENS"!!!!!  ...YOUR BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!! Carolyn J.

Raw Beauty Team Appreciation Brunch - [Click on above image for VIDEO]

No Denying God’s Presence

Enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with some "ahhmazing" women at Raw Beauty Team Appreciation Luncheon. The ambiance, the food and the fellowship was spectacular. Love, peace, and joy mixed with testimonies of strength, faith and triumph filled the air. There was no denying God's presence amongst us.  As a beauty therapist, it is my mission to empower, enlighten and uplift.... —Nyedi A. 

Not to mention that the food was YUMMMMMMMYYYYY!!! We had the best Southern Seafood Brunch ever!!!  Herb-Seasoned Grilled Shrimp, Thick-Cut Smoked Bacon, Turkey Sausage, Waffles, Cheddar Egg Souffle, Mariby’s Infamous Scratch-Made Buttermilk Biscuits with Home-Made Fruit Preserve, Home-fried Potatoes, Fresh Prepped Green & Fruit Salad, Fruit Mimosas, Tea, Coffee....DISCLAIMER: I may be missing some items because there was so much food!! Thanks Mariby Corpening! —Kita W.  [Click to view Flash-Freeze VIDEO]

Romantic Dinner For Two At Client's home!

Absolutely Speechless

This weekend we celebrated my husband's birthday. Every day there was an activity beginning Friday night, so I'm exhausted. But, I have to share our Saturday evening. My husband is a seafood maniac [lobster, shrimp & scallops on the menu].  My good girlfriend

[Mariby] of many years has an "everything made from scratch" [intimate only] catering business [actually, I don’t; this was for a friend]. You can either go to her home [for Brunch of Sundays] or she will come to yours and prepare a feast of your choice with her special down home touches...a DELICIOUS and beautiful, intimate, unforgettable 5 star restaurant experience in your home,...I almost cried at the beautiful presentation and my surprised husband was absolutely speechless!  —Sharon H.

Extraordinary Pleasure


Wow, I remember this when I was a kid! [Mariby]

The Lovely Brunch

Dear Mariby, thank you so much for the lovely brunch that you...prepared for us - The Gregorys.  It was a meal fit for royalty.  We are still taking about those biscuits, and crab cakes, and sausages, and....  Thank you so much and best wishes! —Michele G.

It was a day my family and I [Mariby]will never forget!

Custom Couch Throws Made By Mariby

Comforting Artistry

Mariby is talented in so many forms of comforting artistry.  I had attended my best friend's birthday brunch and after seeing so much creativity all around her home, it seemed only fitting for me to ask if she could make [couch throws] for me to give my besties for Christmas gifts. They were amazing, beyond my expectation.  Completely functional... soft, heavy and warm yet, elegant enough to adorn their living room.  Huge hit!  Carol Y.

Hospitalent Mariby Corpening & Marci Walker of Madam Walkers' Braids

Never Miss The Mark

As always, I experienced new and lasting memories of, not only enjoying spectacular food,  but networking with new found friends and sharing ideas. We were all inspired by the women that spoke so eloquently and forthright. You never miss the mark Mariby and Granny. We love you both. Can't wait for the next one. Marci W.

Mariby's New Year's Eve Birthday Bash 2017

Timeless Beauty

This is one of the New Year celebrations that will resonate with timeless beauty and free spirited freedom to enjoy The Dance and the Romance. Thanks to Mariby Corpening for inviting us to celebrate her Birthday and Bring the New Year in with high style and fun. —Marci W.

Grannie is just a body of wisdom!

Body of Wisdom

Meeting Grannie [Mariby's Mom] at a recent [MadlyGiving] brunch was a life-affirming, perhaps even a life-changing experience for me.  I was not sure what to expect, since I only knew one person at the table.  But immediately, you felt the warmth and comfort of Mariby and the wisdom of Grannie. We had Mariby's popular Fried Chicken & Waffles. It was delicious and

I don't eat meat often, but I did have a taste of her [Peruvian-Spiced] fried chicken and Mariby made waffles from scratch - the best ever!  And I like that she served a green salad and a fruit salad, too.  But for me, truly, it was Grannie's Wisdom; took the experience over the top.  Grannie shared some of her natural health remedies with us and I even tried her tonic.  She said she takes a table spoonful everyday.  She told us where to get the recipe on line [Master Tonic].  We all chuckled, giggled and laughed out loud at some of her stories.  What a wonderful dining experience.  Mariby's right!  It is so much more than brunch.  I left enlightened and feeling good.  I will be back to see Grannie, too - just a body of wisdom.  —Guest

Might Have Been Queen

Girly Weekend 2017 - A Celebration of Our Inner Queendom - Photo Shoot, Massages, Good Food....

[Mariby] Take a bow Babe. You are a remarkable woman.  This [Girly] weekend was awesome for me.  I am really happy to have the honor of our time together. Cause it was long over due!  [Grannie] is an amazing, remarkable, over the top Woman, and even if she don't, or haven't thought so, always has been one, in my life. Pauline F. 

We all were surprised! It was a wonderful experience! --Valerie M.

You Get The Prize

I wanted to do something intimate, special for my mom's 80th birthday!  I'd seen Mariby's advertisement for brunch and thought it was a great idea.  My mom would love this.  I surprised her.  We had the Southern Seafood Brunch - Crab Cakes, Shrimp & Grits, and oh, those Biscuits!  It was wonderful! One friend of mine said, "You get the prize for this one."  A dining experience none of us ever expected and will never forget. Thank you Mariby & Grannie!  —Valerie M.

The decor, that red couch, the ambience, the peacefulness, the music, the aromas, The Experience!

Living My Dream

I attended the birthday brunch of a close friend.  I had been all over Mariby's beautiful website already. But, it was when I came through the door - the decor, that red couch, the ambience, the peacefulness and the [international] music in the background and I could smell the fried chicken, the bacon, the coffee, it was such a warm and wonderful feeling.  I felt relaxed almost instantly.  Truly, what I thought to myself and I later said to Mariby,"You are living my dream!"  —Melissa B.


Reader Discretion Advised! Just a bit wild, in My State of Mid-Life ... Style. It's The Hole's Truth! So Helped Me Gawd!

It's The Hole's Truth

I really enjoyed reading your story[ies], and I say that as one who wouldn't necessarily pick up an erotic novel....40 something year olds [will be] giving one another high fives and the younger [women will be] wanting to age...tackles a subject[s] rather taboo...yet puts the reader at ease.  —Andria C. - Flanked Writers' Retreat

Well done! ...being a mother, her escapades seem authentic.  I could really see [her] and understand her....I felt like I was listening to one of my best friends tell me about [some] crazy, reckless night she had and I was just sitting there jealous!!!  —Flanked Writers' Retreat

Mariby Corpening's BLACK EYE Biscuits


Momi, these biscuits are so good, more like a Black Eye, then a slap! —Grannie

Bout To Slap Somebody

Arriving late to brunch, a guest rushes in at the very end; so, I heat up a plate of what's left and serve.  When suddenly she yells out, Wait, wait, is anybody standing behind me? [checking around her] Because these biscuits are sooooo good, umma bout to slap somebody!  The table erupts in laughter; hence, the name, Mariby Corpening's Buttermilk “Slap” BiscuitsGuest

...These biscuits are sooooo good, umma bout to slap somebody! --Guest

Girl, where's ya momma! These biscuits taste so good, I wanna slap ya momma! —Sheila R.

Pastor Garvin Hosted A Brunch to Celebrate Black Women in Business

Black Women in Business

From beginning to end this Black History Celebration that Recognizes Black Women in Business was amazing. Dr. Garvin attended to every single detail of making all of we honorees feel so special...for each of we ten honorees - to the scrumptious libation, dinner (served immaculately) we dined off of fine china, crystal and silken napkins. The food was over the top. African seasoned chicken [Yassa], honey & mustard glazed, baked salmon, jollof, jasmine rice, roasted vegetables and a green tossed salad with homemade creamy, garlic dressing. As the afternoon wore into evening we...basked in the beauty...and sista/friendships formed. Thank you again...I can only say that I will pay it forward.  —Marci W.

Saturday Afternoon Brunch For Best Friends at the Client's Home

Only The Best Of Friends

Although it was my birthday, I wanted to honor the women in my life, my best friends.  ...to gather at my home and be comfortable, relaxed, instead of at a restaurant, and still be served.  Mariby came to my home to discuss the occasion, the menu and the setting.  I chose the [Peruvian-Spiced] Fried Chicken, LOVED the Fried-Apples and WOW, those Biscuits! It was all delicious and she cooked it right there in my kitchen, she served it to us and even cleaned up afterwards.  It was a very special time together we still talk about.  Thank you, Mariby.  Juanita M.

A Murder Mystery Brunch detected by Ivana of The Murder Mystery Company, Baltimore MD

Murder & Mystery

I wanted something different, intimate for my birthday this year.  My best girlfriends and I would dress up in something from the 80s' and I talked to Mariby about a Murder Mystery Themed Brunch.  To go with a Who Done It thriller, I chose The Southern Seafood Brunch with Crab Cakes, Jumbo Shrimp & Grits, and of course, Mariby's biscuits!  The food was delicious and everyone had such a good time!  Mariby you're the best!  —Sam H. 

A Tasteful Adventure In Pure Movement - Sponsored by Sharon Harper of ANALI Yoga

Yoga & Brunch A Side

This was a different experience for me - Yoga and a [complimentary] healthy delectable brunch [A MadlyGiving Brunch & Learn] afterwards, and boy were we hungry too!  The yoga session was very stimulating and yet calming. Our yogi [Sharon Harper of ANALI Yoga] made us feel comfortable and relaxed. I just wanted to go to sleep right there on the mat.  When we were done with yoga, Grannie greeted us with fresh fruit smoothies she had just made and Mariby made some Granola still a little warm from the oven for our yogurt. The Granola was all the rave.  Then she served salad with a very tasty dressing, she also made, LOVED the Broiled Salmon and those [Apple-Raisin Bran] Muffins were AMAZING and last, she brought out the [Roasted Vegetable] Frittata.  Though we feasted, it was all good [for us], too!  Everybody asked, "So, when's the next yoga class?"  —Guest

Virtual Assistance - often, I work from home, can help your small business get organized or provide support, as needed (on/off site). "Happy To Assist!"

Happy To Assist

Mariby has worked for me for many years - back when we were in legal.  I have also since hired her for part-time administrative services to work in my office, and other times, she works from home and just when I need her.  Always professional, a diverse skill set and most importantly, I trust her.  She is helpful; I like that she is flexible to assist where needed, organized, very resourceful, accountable and, of course, she brings her grace, her flare and her attention to detail, as with any thing she does!  —Marianne E.

Mariby keeps telling us she's not a caterer!

True Hospitalent

[A true hospitalent] Mariby keeps telling us that she's not a caterer, but she did such an amazing job at her own New Year's Eve birthday party..., we decided we wanted her to cater an intimate event at our home [political fundraiser].  I enjoy entertaining & decorating; so, while I created the tablescape, Mariby gave the delectable gift of her beautifully displayed, freshly-made food!  Man, we had her [scratch-made] crab cakes, those jumbo shrimps, my favorite, the antipasta platter, fresh fruit & assorted cheeses and my husband being from Philly, she served Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Mushrooms!  We loved it!  My guests kept commenting on the beautiful bounty of food!  Thank you, Sweet Mariby! —Trina B.

A Brunch of Sundays

The comfort, the warmth, the soulfulness of [Hospitalent Mariby Corpening] takes "dining in" to another level. I had heard about her brunch [experiences], especially "The Biscuits" and I'd read her food blog; so, the food is juuuust great! We had her [Peruvian-Spiced] Fried Chicken [with Home-Made Hot Sauce] and Belgian Waffles, she also makes from scratch; but, the conversation, the relaxation, the inspiration, the fellowship.  I am generally not so open, but we talked about our lives, our families, our passions, we debated current affairs, oh how we laughed, a lot, even shared a few tears - some powerful

testimonies. Grannie told us about her health tonics and we all agreed on the needs in our community and paying it forward!  It was intimate, good-natured and all very unexpected, refreshing, moving, memorable.  I didn't know most of the people at the table, but at the end [almost four hours later], we hugged and exchanged information with promises to return.  So, and to my surprise, I truly did not want to leave. Not sure what I expected when I donated [and received a complimentary brunch], and to think I'd thought about canceling [because, who are these people]. I am so glad I came and met Mariby, Grannie and some new folks, too!

Kudos Mariby!  [MadlyGiving's A Brunch of Sundays] A beautiful and memorable [private] dining experience!  You exude graciousness, comfort and so much love; it's beautiful what you do!  Thank You!  I'll be back! —Guest(s)

Elevating Labor To ... An Art

Mariby, loving and serving. This is what she does!!! Andrea D.

five stars2.jpg

M A R I B Y ‘ S G U E S T L I S T

For I believe I was born to serve...more than one form of hunger!

— Hospitalent Mariby Corpening