Bone Broth

To be frank, this one took a bit of getting used to; though, again, just watching Grannie so steadfastly seeking out the natural health remedies.  Among a few other endearing names for Grannie, I also tease, The Bone Collector, and yes, it can be a little embarrassing at times, when Grannie blurts out to our guests, Don't throw away the bones!  Some guests curiously inquire, Grannie, what are you going to do with the bones?  While others remain silent, likely cringing  at the thought!  Yeah, that used to be me! 

  Grannie Throws Everything In the Pot For Broth

Grannie Throws Everything In the Pot For Broth

Grannie Saves Bones & Shells

All bones and shells!  Chicken Bones, Pork Chop Bones, Rib Bones, Shells of Shrimp, Crab Legs and even Eggs!  Yup!  You see it all in there!  Grannie throws away nothing!  She says we are throwing away the best parts, all the nutrition we should be consuming - for good health. 

Of course, you've heard about it, from, well, in my case, watching the elders in our family literally suck the marrow out of chicken bones!  As a child, I thought, Are they that hungry?  I would cringe; even now, it just looks so uncivilized.  But, well, here I am, at 56 years old, now I am one of the family elders; though, not quite sucking the bone, but the concept of ingesting the marrow, because, simply, it's good for you!  I get it, now! 

  Grannie, "The Bone Collector," freezes all bones!

Grannie, "The Bone Collector," freezes all bones!

Grannie Collects & Freezes The Bones

You'd have to be careful going into our freezer!  Because, at all times, we have in our freezer, a bag of bones!  Even our friends and family know not to throw away their bones.  Okay, it's a little embarrassing that when we visit with friends, they say, Oh, wait, I have some bones for Grannie!  No, no, much worse:  I've often wondered, if we get stopped by the police, what explanation?  No, no, officer, you don't understand, My Grannie collects bones!  I just don't see that going over well.  Do you? 

  Bring to Boil, Low Simmer for 48 Hours, Strain for Broth

Bring to Boil, Low Simmer for 48 Hours, Strain for Broth

Grannie Drinks Bone Broth Everyday

An all-purpose natural health liquid!  I know, and it will take a bit of getting used to.  But, here's the best news, you've got a ready-made broth for the base of soups, for basting meats, boiling pastas, rice, vegetables in the bone broth, just anytime you need a savory liquid in cooking.  So, that's how we get it in each day; though, everyday Grannie just drinks it, straight up and with a twist - that simply, it's good for you!

Grannie's Bone Broth

An All-Purpose Natural Health Liquid

Research & Recipes by Grannie, Descriptions & Images by Mariby CorpeningTM