Daily Tonics

No one could have told me that I, Mariby Corpening, would be drinking down - for my health no less - such tonics on a daily basis, to include:  1) Grannie's Breakfast Smoothie (oatmeal, grains, nuts, seeds), 2) Fruit Smoothie, 3) Vegetable Smoothie, 4) Bean Smoothie, 5) Herbal Tea Blend (for blood pressure) and 6) Grannie's Tonic.  Yup, Grannie drinks them every day; though, I only do it during the weekday and give myself a break on the weekends.  For more specific information about each smoothy, go to that specific blog entry on this page.

Grannie's packing up my daily tonics; off to work I go!

Grannie's packing up my daily tonics; off to work I go!

You choose how you prefer to work in your daily tonics; but, here's what works for me:  Since my workday schedule is so routine, I take my tonics with me to work and all day at work, it's what I consume - saves on unhealthy snacking, binging and a ton on the costs of eating out at lunch; not to mention, well, I believe it - Grannie - has saved my life! 

I've Lost Over 30 Pounds!


In the last three years, without even trying to lose weight or getting on a scale, I've lost over 30 pounds - only because my doctor told me at my last check up; so, because I [choose to] eat better quality foods, I eat a lot less, my skin is smoother, my bowels are regular, my allergies have subsided and I just feel, not to mention, look better all around!  I have a little more energy now, so, I recently begun an exercise regimen of walking, stretching and weights - and even with all this, Grannie still moves faster than I do!

You better believe that Grannie stays pretty busy in the kitchen!  She is serious about her health -  always researching, always trying something new, always finding ways to work in our daily required nutrients - naturally.  Lucky me, the beneficiary of her discipline and it has rubbed off on me, truly!

Grannie Hasn't Had A Cold In ElevenYears!

Grannie's tonics keeps colds and the doctors away!  Grannie hasn't had a cold in over 11 years (no flu shots, nor prescriptions nor OTC medicines for a cold) and, when we do feel something coming on, Grannie says, Just up the dose of tonics, and, I can tell you, it works!  The key is to do your research to seek the natural food alternatives to the medicines.  Once you know what foods are good for you particularly, the easiest way, I say, to get them all in daily is to Smoothify itThe five tonics you see in the image above is what Grannie drinks daily! 

A Brunch & Learn Featuring Grannie's Tonics

Brunch Featuring A Sample Tasting of Grannie's Tonics

Brunch Featuring A Sample Tasting of Grannie's Tonics

Word is spreading so fast of Grannie's Tonics and our guests have shown so much interest, we decided to have a (healthy) brunch & learn in order to share the information with out guests.  Guests will enjoy a healthwise, but tasty brunch menu to include tasting samples of Grannie's Tonics, as she shares her wealth of information on some of the Natural Alternatives to taking medicines. 


The Brunch was a hit!  Accordingly, we have scheduled another Brunch & Learn, Featuring Grannie's Tonics for Saturday, March 17, 2018.  #GranniesTonics


Daily Tonics

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