Beans, Beans

You remember the rhyme, Beans, Beans, good for your heart, the more you eat..."  So, I never would have believed that a day would come, when I would find myself eating ... beans!  I hate beans!  Except for my best friend's Vet's Sweet Dreams Baked Beans, there ain't a bean on earth I truly like!  Oh, sure, I've had some more palatable varieties in a meal or two over the years, but never, and I mean, nevvvvver have I liked beans! 

Tell you a story:  When I was in my early 20s, I had a thing for older men and there was this good-look'n gray-haired old guy (LOL probably only in his 50s) with more energy than I!  I'd see him on the elevator - the same time I was going out to to work, he would be going out for a ... what!  A walk!  I mean, who has time!  Who walks if they don't have to?  I mean, who does anything, if they don't have to?  My thinking back then, right!  But I would see Bob walk everyday and wonder!  So, one day, I [intentionally] waited to catch him on the elevator and triiiiied to walk with him.  Honestly, I couldn't keep up!  Talking to Bob, I learned that he not only walked everyday, but he ate beans everyday!  Euhhhhh! I thought, at the time, I mean, Why?  And well, look at me now!


Grannie's Pot of Beans (or Bean Smoothie)

To be honest, I am out of my league on this one!  I can't stand beans!  But, I would watch Grannie put on a big pot of beans (combination of black beans, lentils, kidneys, chick peas, pintos), oh, I don't know, maybe once every few months.  Now, Grannie and a few of my besties will eat them right out of the pot, just like that!  Makes me cringe!  But in watching Grannie with her research and her determination to come off her meds!  You heard me, Grannie slowly came off her medications, by just eating healthier foods - she chooses the natural food alternative, instead of taking a pill.  So, between watching Grannie get in her daily oats, beans, seeds, fruits & vegetables, and, of course, remembering Bob, I decided that I somehow need to get in on this "Beans" thing!

I learned from Grannie that Beans are high protein, complex carbs and fiber, containing a powerhouse of nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, so they're heart-healthy, lowers cholesterol, low in fat, low in calories, balances blood sugar, helps reduce chronic diseases (like cancer), promotes regularity (no constipation), keeps you feeling fuller, convenient (even if you use the can variety, just rinse off the salt water), versatile and, as you know, inexpensive!

Welllll, wowwwww!  So, it didn't take long before I was asking Grannie if she could grind the beans into a smoothie that I could then just drink down; this way, I would get in the heart-healthy nutrients without having to suffer through a bowl of beans - truly, I think it's the texture that offends me so.  From childhood, just never something I could hold down, if you know what I mean!


Anyway, so now, I get a healthy dose of beans in my system everyday!  Truth told, I only do my smoothies on the weekends; there's but so many beans I can take, but Grannie does it every day! 

My Momma - Grannie is one of those people who will just do!  When Grannie decides she's going to do something; she does it!  After too many prescription medications from doctors, Grannie decided and did (slowly reduce to) come off her medications, by researching and ingesting only the foods that give her body what it needs to be healthy!  By her example alone, I am living probably the healthiest time of my life! 

ALL PRAISE BE DUE TO MY MOMMA!  I thank the Good Lord everyday for My Momma!


Bean Smoothie

Beans, Beans, Good For Your Heart!

Research & Recipes by Grannie, Descriptions & Images by Mariby CorpeningTM