Grannie's Tonics

If you've ever had the pleasure of talking to Grannie, it goes without saying, that she is a Body of Wisdom.  Grannie [My Mom] has so much to give - so, so, so much knowledge and information - always researching, always trying out natural remedies.  I'm talking home grown, like back in the old days, when your parents enforced your daily portions - whole vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, fish, poultry and a lot less meat; back then, there was no such thing as take out and dining out was a rare treat, if you ever did!  Grannie says, I used to think that we didn't eat meat because we were poor; it never occurred to me, Mommie was trying to keep us fed and healthy. 

Grannie's got so many stories (many we can't mention here LOL), I decided that somehow I must chronicle as much as I can.  So, I should start off with Grannie's Tonic.

Fresh Vegetables bathed in a little vinegar in preparation for Grannie's Tonic

Fresh Vegetables bathed in a little vinegar in preparation for Grannie's Tonic

What's In Grannie Tonic?

For those who don't yet know Grannie, she takes her home-made tonics everyday, for general good health and to help combat illnesses - High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, etc.  It all started after a routine doctor's visit remedied with just too many prescriptions, to which Grannie responded, Aw Hell no! 


Grannie began researching alternative good health remedies, using natural foods - vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices we [should] eat everyday; the first of which I have to share, her daily tonic.  

And if you ask, So Grannie, what's in your tonic?  She will tell you to look up Master Tonic on the internet.  Essentially, it is a combination of essential vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices ground into a liquidy pulp, a tablespoon of which Grannie takes everyday to help her body fight off infection and disease.  Some of the standards include:  Garlic, Onion, Ginger, Turmeric, Horse Radish, Chili Peppers & Apple Cider Vinegar.  From there, Grannie suggests you research your particular ailments and build your specialized tonic from there. 

FYI, we take one tablespoon one to two times daily!  Though, Grannie suggests, for example, if you feel a cold coming on, then you'd take it at least three times daily and I can tell you, it works! 

Grannie's making a choice to healthfully grow old and Grannie doesn't worry about getting a cold!


Daily Tonic

One tablespoon a day helps keep the doctors away

Research by Grannie, Descriptions & Images by Mariby CorpeningTM