Eyemagination Imaging C-Suite Pics

by Photographer Extraordinaire Lydia Carlis


This is how you wish your professional portrait to be - A Reflection of the woman you know yourself to be and from the inside…out!

Ever had a photographer capture the essence of your spirit in a way that made you want to step up your game and really become who you know you can be? Dr. Lydia did that for me and I am grateful!
— Eyemagination Imaging C-Suite Pics

Behind The Lens

I am an artist and scientist, teacher and learner. My introduction to photography was in a darkroom a few decades ago, but since I picked up my first digital camera in 2007 (a Nikon, if you're wondering), my camera is my second favorite accessory -- right behind a fabulous statement necklace, of course!

Lydia Carlis | Principal Photographer    Image by DFinney Photography + Design

Lydia Carlis | Principal Photographer
Image by DFinney Photography + Design

I founded Eyemagination Imaging in 2009, offering lifestyle photography. I feel privileged to use my gift for photography to literally capture and preserve time for the interesting, diverse, talented, brilliant individuals, families and organizations with whom I’m blessed to work. My tagline has always been “From personal to professional, eyemagine your best you”. A wonderful conference with which I'm affiliated, Flourish Conference for Women in Leadership, showed me just how prescient my tagline had been, and C-Suite Pics® was born.