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Debate The Issues of Our Time - Over Brunch

Enjoy a lively debate over the political, environmental, educational, technological, medical, scientific, economic, cultural, social and/or, dare I say, relationship issues of our time - DC style - over brunch!

Sunday, 22, 2018 at 1:00pm

Graciously Hosted by Mariby Corpening

NOTE:  On reservation, guests may suggest a debate question/topic to "put into the hat" and throughout the experience, randomly pull topics for discussion.  By the time we emerge from the table, 3-4 hours later, my hope is that, while we may not agree, at the very least, we can respect, perhaps even appreciate another point of view, from someone, from somewhere else beyond our own fragrant bubble!

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You should know that I so enjoy living in our multi-cultured DC Metro area. Here, you get a taste, almost a thirst for a good, lively debate over such controversial issues in these historical times.  Am I right?  So, I have thoughtfully orchestrated a brunch experience beyond mere pleasure - that not only invites and delights, but that ignites and enlightens our spirits in good company, good conversation, complemented with just good food!

I believe I was born to serve ... more than one form of hunger - bringing people together in the spirit of uplifting, inherently doing unto us all!

Thank You!

Hospitalent Mariby Corpening

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