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The Father of All Brunches

May We Feast In Celebration of The Man-To-Man

Featuring Mariby’s Own Seafood Festival - A Low Country Broil Experience

Fathers’ Day Sunday, June 16, 2019 at 1:00pm

Private Dining At Its Best! A Festival of Seafood - Crab Legs, Lobster Tails, Jumbo Shrimp and INTRODUCING My NEW ROSEMARY & THYME SLAP BISCUITS, as compliment! Oh, yes and no less, bibs & gloves included

Hosted, Prepared & Graciously Served by Mariby Corpening

Flyer - Mariby Corpenings Fathers Day Brunch 2019.jpg

Eventfully bringing people together in the spirit of giving forward and saving dreams! -- #IAmMadlyGiving


Souled Out!!!

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Debate The Issues of Our Time - Over Brunch

Enjoy a lively debate over the political, environmental, educational, technological, medical, scientific, economic, cultural, social and/or, dare I say, relationship issues of our time - DC style - over brunch!

Sunday, 22, 2018 at 1:00pm

Graciously Hosted by Mariby Corpening

NOTE:  On reservation, guests may suggest a debate question/topic to "put into the hat" and throughout the experience, randomly pull topics for discussion.  By the time we emerge from the table, 3-4 hours later, my hope is that, while we may not agree, at the very least, we can respect, perhaps even appreciate another point of view, from someone, from somewhere else beyond our own fragrant bubble!

Flyer - The Great Debates.jpg

You should know that I so enjoy living in our multi-cultured DC Metro area. Here, you get a taste, almost a thirst for a good, lively debate over such controversial issues in these historical times.  Am I right?  So, I have thoughtfully orchestrated a brunch experience beyond mere pleasure - that not only invites and delights, but that ignites and enlightens our spirits in good company, good conversation, complemented with just good food!

I believe I was born to serve ... more than one form of hunger - bringing people together in the spirit of uplifting, inherently doing unto us all!

Thank You!

Hospitalent Mariby Corpening

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Grannie's Tonics

THE BRUNCH & LEARN You've Been Dying For!

Right Your Own Natural Prescriptions for Good Health

On popular demand, Grannie will be sharing her wealth of knowledge and information for maintaining your health naturally - by eating natural, fresh, whole foods - rather than having to take yet another pill!  Visit Grannie's Food Blog!

Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Hosted by Mariby Corpening

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to Jan 1

New Year's Eve Birthday Bash

When Was The Last Time You Danced? 

You and yours - ADULTS ONLY 21 AND OVER - are cordially invited to My New Year's Eve Birthday Celebration!

You should know that I missed my 50th celebration some years back and unbelievably, in all my years, I have never had a birthday party!  So, this year, I WANT TO DANCE and would love for YOU to join me!

I mean, when was the last time you got dressed up, went out and reeeeally danced?  I know, it's been awhile for me, too, and so, I've summoned one of the brightest up and coming DJs - JaydaRealist, who's specialty is keeping the crowd on their feet, with music from the very latest to the all time greatest, including all our old favorites - some from way back in the day!  I promise you, you will not [want to]  stop dancing!  Now, your knees will tell a different story the morning after! 

"Never Stop Dancing"

My Mantra for 2018!

I haven't seen you, hugged you, laughed with you in a long while!  Come dance with me for my 56th birthday this New Year's Eve!  I've got some really, really great music just for you  and, you know me, plenty of good food, too!

Admission is on me!  You need only bring some bubbly; though, please RSVP!

You learn to dance with the limp...
— Author Anne Lamott

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The Holiday of Brunch

The Holiday of Brunch

A Soulful Southern Comfort Brunch Experience

Private Dining At Its Best, Featuring A Full Menu Complementing Mariby Corpening's Infamous Buttermilk Slap Biscuits

Hosted, Prepared & Graciously Served by Mariby Corpening

Featuring A Full Brunch Menu With Mariby Corpening's Infamous Buttermilk Slap Biscuits!

Featuring A Full Brunch Menu With Mariby Corpening's Infamous Buttermilk Slap Biscuits!

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Make Your Own - Mariby's Dresses

MadlyGiving's Sip & Sew Brunch

Sponsored by SewMaster Shondra Duran of SEW IT'S MY PARTY

Brunch is complimentary with donation

Brunch is complimentary with donation

You've admired my Beauty-Free Dresses and stop me on the street almost daily to compliment the beauty, the flow, the comfort, the colors, the fabric.  Likely, I handed you my business card and told you how easy it is to make or that I can make it for you. 

And high and behold, the amazing Shondra Duran of Sew It's My Party crossed my path and I thought, this is perfect, the ladies will enjoy making their own dresses and, believe me, it's sew easy!  Check out some of the dresses I've made and I promise you, sew can youBeauty-Free Dresses By Mariby

Natural, Lovely, Flowing, Free ... Sew Easy

Imagine you in a dress like this; sew, now you can!

Even if you don't sew, you will by the time you leave us and with your Beauty-Free dress in hand.  So, join us on Saturday, July 29, 2017 at 12:00pm to, oh yes, you can sew your own dress!  Shronda and I will help ease your way through it - A MadlyGiving Brunch & Learn - to include all you'll need to get you going - sewing machine, beautiful fabric, good spirits, good food (An Assortment of Brunch Appetizers) and all for a good cause!

MadlyGiving - Eventfully bringing people together in the spirit of giving forward!

No!  Thank YOU!  It's What I Do!


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