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Catering Intimate Affairs

To my delight and amazement - while I am neither a trained chef nor caterer, but what I’ve personally coined, Hospitalent, who loves, loves, loves to cook ... and from scratch - frequently I am asked to cater intimate affairs.  Accustomed mainly to serving my (intentionally-kept) intimate brunches, I began getting more and more requests, for not only brunch, but lunch, dinner and especially appetizers.  Each time I took another catering gig, the numbers grew.  Who knew!

So, I've concluded that I most certainly am a Hospitalent, who, too, enjoys catering and now offer my services, though only for intimate affairs (up to only 100), to keep it real - fresh, tasty and just good to you and for you!

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Catering by Hospitalent Mariby Corpening


Fresh Fruit & Cheese Display

Client requested an appetizer spread of Fresh Fruits, Gourmet Cheeses, Assorted Nuts & Crackers, etc., to include my favorite - Spinach & Artichoke Dip served warm from the oven!


My Infamous Chimichurri sauce

Almost all appetizer requests include some type of chicken wingettes; this client requested an assortment I often served with a side of my fresh-made Chimichurri Sauce.


seafood paella

Client requested that I prepare a feast to sit in the center of the table; I suggested the always popular Seafood Paella, which can include shrimps, scallops, muscles and often include chicken and sausage.

My Speciality! Things that make you go, Oooooooom!


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