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artist ed lockett

Award-Winning, Self-Taught Artist Ed Lockett - a natural way with oil paintings of brilliant colors and profound expressions that tell a story.  For the last 50 years, Lockett has groomed his afrocentric collection - from portraits, to representational, to historical, to landscapes - into an artistic empire.  You can find such beautifully rooted expressions of his work locally and across the U.S. - from churches, to great halls, to art galleries, to countless homes, including those of celebrities, politicians and now you. Own a piece of his legacy, too!

By Photographer Extraordinaire Lydia Carlis. Plan A Portrait ART EXPERIENCE! This is how you wish your professional portrait to be - A Reflection of the woman you know yourself to be and from the inside…out!

Eyemagination Imaging provides unique and beautiful lifestyle portrait and event photography. We would love to capture your child, senior, couple or family portraits, or private or community events. If you are looking for professional portraits (headshots) or corporate event photography, please select the link for our corporate photography division, C-Suite Pics


atikal foundation

Founded by Kita Williams, We are a family that believes every victim of cancer and domestic violence deserves to heal and reclaim their personal power…refashioning what survivorship looks like.

Raw Beauty®, an initiative of the Atikal Foundation, reminds people what it means to be loved and feel alive! Through love, faith, art and laughter, we are able to unlock the doors to the hearts of those who have suffered so much, thus healing their past and finding strength for their future.

NOTE: The MadlyGiving Campaign supports this Non-profit

The neck is one of the most sensuously exposed parts of a woman’s body. My neckwear is designed to stimulate the deserved attention to this area with exotic flamboyance.

My pieces represent my avon guard style and the “ROAR” of the gentle lioness every woman possesses.

EB has all of your needs covered, from statement events to statement pieces - Custom Neckwear, Event Decor, Visual Advertising and Fashion Consulting.


By Jacqueline Younger: You’ve changed your life…now change your wardrobe! GOD’S Treasures wants to reward your transformation and clothes you in attire that matches your ambitions. Overcomers, find upscale fashions here for your Sunday services, Bible Study, Events, Your Interviews and attire for when you land the job God has for you….

NOTE: The MadlyGiving Campaign supports this Non-profit


Dream In Color Photography was created by Mark Mahoney. Our vision is to create lasting memories for people to cherish through the years…surpassing customer expectations.



Madam Walker’s Braids, Lockery & School

Award Winning Natural Hair Scholars, Marci Walker & Shanti Walker started the 1st(R) Braid & Natural Hair Salon in Prince George's County, MD, combining over 40 years of experience in Braiding and Natural Hair Care, MWB specializes in several methods for starting, grooming and styling locks. Having mastered the techniques and artistry of manipulating African coily, kinky, and curly hair types, we use what we've learned to care for OUR hair in its naturally, beautiful state.

Jerone Allison  DJaTthaRealest.jpg

DJ Services

Jay Da Realist aka Jerone Allison is truly THE BEST DJ EVER! The man makes the party! Every time I have an event that needs a little sprucing up, Jerone does it every time!


Pasley Place caters to individuals that want more than a simple photograph. What gift is more personal than a portrait? For yourself or your loved ones, a portrait should be a keepsake, a token of remembrance, that captures your unique style, personality and interests. —Camille Pasley

Mariby Corpening’s personal favorite, The Mama Love Project.


As a conqueror of domestic violence, sexual assault, homelessness, an abusive marriage, I use my life experiences and lessons to create sacred spaces and moments where clients feel safe, loved and comfortable fully expressing their truth to be completely set free from their hidden secrets and life challenges. I help them easily open up their heart space.  I help women leaders and entrepreneurs relinquish the title, take off mask and release the courage to love themselves beyond what they do and reposition their life to manifest a mission that’s more than what you make. 

NOTE: The MadlyGiving Campaign supports this Non-profit

S.E.L.F image AWARDS foundation

Marci Walker, Founder-President of the S.E.L.F. Image Awards Foundation a 501(c)(3) - This passionate, transplanted New Yorker has been an innovative, forward thinker in all of her endeavors. Having many honor/awards to her credit she is Executive Director of the S.E.L.F. Image Awards an acronym for Sisters Empowered for Life by Faith. The non-profit charity raises funds for victims/survivors and gives tuition-free education scholarships to sisters who have an interest in studying Natural Hair Care and can show financial need through an essay and application.