"Your Trusted Neighborhood B&B Expert"

Something you should know about me, Mariby Corpening, this, too, is what I am meant to do, as I quite naturally enjoy serving and pampering guests!  Founder of the former MadlyLiving Bed & Breakfast, right here in Fort Washington, I am Your Trusted Neighborhood B&B Expert and Co-Host.  I look forward to sharing with you my wealth of knowledge, information and sheer love of hospitality.  I have more than 15 years of experience in the B&B industry and have whole-heartedly celebrated the successes of Airbnb all along the way.  So, co-hosting your Airbnb listing is a perfect fit for me - with all that I do!  Assisting you allows me more flexibility, freedom of choice, lots of enjoyment and some meaningful employment in the industry in which I truly love and believe I am born to be - Hospitality - and right here in my own neighborhood!

What Can I Do For You?

The Beauty of What I Do Is In The Details!

Whether you are away on vacation, on business travel or right here at home, I can take on Co-Hosting responsibilities for your listing(s) or just offer you a little extra support whenever, however you need me to assist you in welcoming guests to your home.

I love it here and why I settled in Fort Washington/Oxon Hill, MD (literally next door to MGM National Harbor) for the past 20 years, so I am not only committed, but I feel responsible to the neighborhood.  I am close by, accessible and work exclusively in the National Harbor, Fort Washington, Oxon Hill area; you'll find me all about our beautiful neighborhood!  I am available for Co-Hosting seasonally, as back up when necessary, at initial setting up, interim/occasional, event/guest-specific, on or off-site, part-time, short/long-term and, yes, even Holidays. 

I can Co-Host with and/or for you, anything from Listing Your Space & Setting Up Airbnb Profiles, to Communicating with Guests, Handling Reservations, Welcoming Guests, Responding to Inquiries/Issues, Coordinating Cleaning & Maintenance, Interacting with Airbnb regarding Guests Issues, Coordinating Guests Services, like local transportation, massage/spa services and, of course, particularly, providing my Brunch Services (intimate sit down, buffet or continental breakfast) services. 

NOTE that separate from the Airbnb Co-Hosting percentage, I do require an upfront, non-refundable fee of $50 for Initial Consultation.

Oh, the beauty of what all I can do for you is all in the details - just what I do!

What Type of Co-Hosting Assistance Do You Need?

I am available for Co-Hosting Seasonally, Back Up, Initial Set Up, Interim, Event/Guest-Specific, On/Off-Site, Part-Time, Short-/Long-Term and yes, even Holidays.  The following gives you some idea of perhaps how I may assist you:

  • Airbnb Consulting - Initially assisting getting your space prepared for receiving Airbnb guests (recommendations/consulting - informal interior decorating/design, needed repairs, essential supplies, preparing house manual, etc.)  NOTE that separate from the Airbnb Co-Hosting percentage, I do require an upfront, non-refundable fee of $50 for initial consultation.

  • Listing Your Space - Creating Airbnb listings, writing descriptions, uploading photos, pricing, etc.

I also can provide brunch services

  • Communicating With Guests - Interacting with guests regarding policies & procedures, coordinating arrival/departure, answering guest questions, etc.
  • Handling Reservations - Receiving, reviewing, inquiring, accepting reservations

  • Welcoming Guests - Available to Receive Guests, coordinating in-person guest check-ins/outs

  • Responding to Guest Inquiries & Issues - Troubleshooting, rental/travel/house issues (lock outs, internet not working, etc.)

  • Coordinating Cleaning & Maintenance - Coordinating with local cleaning and maintenance & repair services

  • Coordinating Guest Services - Coordinating local transportation, providing brunch services, in-house spa/massage and/or other requested services, etc.

  • Interacting with Airbnb Customer Service - Communicating with Airbnb on your behalf to resolve any guest issues

My Co-Hosting Services can be tailored to the needs of your specific Airbnb rental(s). 

Your Airbnb Co-Host

  Hospitalist Mariby Corpening

Hospitalist Mariby Corpening

Right here when you need me!

I can take on Co-Hosting responsibilities for your listing(s) or just offer you a little extra support whenever, however you need me to assist you in welcoming Airbnb guests in your home. 

So, call or email me and let me know, What I can do to help you?

I Am Happy To Assist It's What I Was Born To Do!   

Airbnb Co-Hosting & Consulting Services

The beauty of what I do is in the details
I am your Trusted Neighborhood Airbnb Co-Host
— Hospitalist Mariby Corpening