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"Get A Hand In Business!"

Something very important I must share with you, too - how I arrived (though, the hard way) in this purpose-filled space of Bread, Comfort & Creativity and why I now know, that if you don't (or won't) get a hand in your business' accounting, at the very least, monitor (by that I mean, question, double check, verify, audit) The Money, you will regret it, long after the day you lose ... everything!

     "Seriously, go through the bank statements!"

     "Seriously, go through the bank statements!"

Go Through The Bank Statements!

When finally, you birth a dream, turn a passion into a means of living, realize a purpose, achieve stability, some financial security, indeed pure joy in what you do, work so hard and so long, sacrifice so much and then, lose it all, as I did - my dream, my business, my home, my family's hard-earned future - because you naively trusted someone else, more than yourself, to handle Your Money!  I urge you, "Go through the bank statements!" Know where your money is going!

Lessons Learned, Now Offered!

Having little choice but to better personally manage (understand, organize, monitor, track) my money, I am now able to offer to you, my administrative services - especially, for those who think they can't or just too overwhelmed ... to even think past today!  To the individual, the artist/musician, the independent, the sole proprietor, the small business owner, with due pleasure, I can assist you with administrative services, now enhanced by my truly hard-won investigative accounting skills and further quantified by many years of legal administrative (litigation, trademark, trust & estates).  I have lived through the harshest truth in business - Let someone handle the money unchecked and you can bet, it will be stolen right out from under you!  So, I speak a simpler truth, Allow me to help you get better organized in handling your business, aka keeping track of The Money!

What Type of Assistance Do You Need?

Available for Seasonal, Back Up, Initial Set Up/Close Out, Interim, Project-Specific, On/Off-Site, Part-time, Holidays, Short-/Long-Term & Travel:

  • Administrative/Office Support
  • Versatile/Virtual Assistance
  • Recruiting/HR Support
  • Logistics & Shipping
  •  Calendar/Email Management
  • Meeting/Event Planning
  • Travel Planning
  • Accounting Assistance
  • Tax Forms & Preparation
  • Light Bookkeeping
  • Billing/Invoicing
  • Timekeeping & Expenses
  • Database Maintenance
  • Blog/Website Maintenance
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Basic Websites
  • Mass/Seasonal Mailings
  • Legal Forms & Filings
  • Resume/Letter Writing
  • Internet Research
  • Basic QuickBooks
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Publisher
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Windows & Mac Systems
  • See My Resume!

How May I Assist You?

If I do nothing more than help you get a hand in, a little better understanding, a system set up for your financial & tax records, office files, etc. - in order that you know where The Money (your money) is going, instead of you continuing to naively believe that someone (appearing qualified) can better handle The Money - then I have shared with you yet another of my gifts - I can assist!  I implore you, especially The At Hearts (the artist, the writer, the layman, the newbie, the trustee, etc.) to make the effort; know AND better manage your worth; try to understand; set out a plan; Get A Hand In Your Business' Accounting!  You can do it!  I will help you get through it!

A Hand ... In Business! 

I Am Happy To Assist It's What I DoHow May I help you

The Truth is all in the bank statements! Understand, Question, Verify and Randomly Audit The Money!
— Mariby Corpening