So many creative sides of me I want to share with you!

Logo Graphic by Mariby Corpening

Logo Graphic by Mariby Corpening

An artist in my everyday and in so many palatable ways, where do I begin?  Allow me, I am Marie B. ("Mariby") Corpening, originally from Newark, NJ; though, I've been in the DMV Metro area for almost 40 years, mostly in Fort Washington/Oxon Hill, MD; so, you know, here is where I found me and chose to settle in all my artistry.  Oh, it's been in me all this time; I know what I know, now; it goes where I go and, well, WOW

Bear with me!  With so much goings on, just so much to give, just how I live; so, I'll start you off gently with one of my favorite expressions of bread & comfort, I truly believe I am destined to share with you - My Southern Sit-Down Service of Breakfast Innstead - fresh, tasteful, graciously-prepared breakfast specialties, I have the pleasure to cook for you in your own home and serve to you at your own dining table - Just One Side Of MeMore about Me & Food.

So, I decided to call it what it is - more My "Bread" & Breakfast!  Thanks to a cousin, who always called it that, to which I found myself chuckling, but it stuck, and I think I like it!  Yup, My luck!

My Bread & Breakfast

This is all what I do - My Bread and Oh Man, Breakfast, Too!  As founder of the former MadlyLiving Bed & Breakfast and (it should be no surprise) currently with due pleasure, offering my Airbnb Co-Hosting & Consultant Services, know that I have very thoughtfully orchestrated a symphony of a life-time of my gifted talents, creativity and expertise to almost intuitively design, not only a Breakfast Experience Beyond Mere Pleasure, in a more meaningful way of MadlyGiving, but also, with everything I've come to, I can now universally share with you how I just love what I do!

Love is the spiritual energy that induces elevation — the transcendent moment in creation when craft becomes art.
— Sarah Ban Breathnach

I Flow Like The Breeze, Giddy in All My Artistry!

In All My Artistry

As I rebuild and nurture my very own brand - MaribyCorpeningTM - I will keep you posted all along the way with my heart-warming breakfast gatherings and other special, pampering and partnering events, Promotions, community fundraisers - MadlyGivingTM, Products, Services and, of course, My Food Blog.  Ultimately, I will ween you into My Book of Adult Poetry (soon to be published) and, God willing, the unveiling of My Brand and Newly-Purposed, "Bread & Breakfast "- an unlimited halo of opportunities in the spirit of doing unto ... us all!

I flow like the breeze, just giddy in all my artistry; so, I know that one day, we shall surely break bread - meet, dine, chat and laugh together - again!  I look forward to catching up with you - just like old friends do.  In the meantime, share in my creativity in all God's gifts - The Many Sides Of Mariby!

Participate, Partner, Purchase!

As you will see, my website is about me in all my artistry - Mariby CorpeningTM aka MadlyLivingTM - who I am, what all I do, what I love, that I live, in order that I give, how you may reach me and how you will enjoy, participate, partner, as well as purchase specialty items and services. 

See also My Guest Book, Upcoming Brunches, Breakfast Profile, Menu Selection, Food Blog and, one of my favorite promotion, My Beauty-Free Dresses!

It's All What I Do!  I so much look forward to serving you in some way!  Let's plan on A Very Special DayMiss you, too Love you...more!

    Oh, did I mention, and I'm feel'n good!

Birds flyin’ high, you know how I feel
Sun in the sky, you know how I feel
Breeze driftin’ on by, you know how I feel

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me...
ooooooooh, and I’m feelin’ good!
— Nina Simone