Who's Your 10 Most Wanted?    


If you could dine anywhere in the world, where would you be, what's the view, what's on the menu, who's sitting at the table...with you?

And if, you could choose only 2 to 10 people in your life, whom with you would want to sit down and have a deeper conversation, reminisce, catch up, laugh, bask, persuade, save, emulate, debate, brainstorm, pick their brains, honor their spirit, get to know better, say, Thank You or to simply relax, release and just be ... for a moment in time:  Who would be on your 10 Most Wanted list? No bounty, no travel necessary!

Surely, you've been thinking about planning an intimate, private  gathering to celebrate, align, promote, rejuvenate, perhaps rekindle and/or just relax and enjoy the particular company of (2 to 10) friends, relatives, clients, crew, colleagues, employees, buddies, etc. Visit my Breakfast Innstead page and my Q&A for basic brunch services and information, and especially My Guest Book, for what my guests are saying about their dining experience. 

Together, let us bring to life your Ultimate Private Dining Experience right here at home!